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Top 5 Reasons WWE Fired Eric Bischoff and Made Brother Love Head of Smackdown
Earlier this year, Prichard returned to WWE as a member of the company's creative team. We spoke with Dan Seltzer, purveyor of the popular Wrasslin' Examiner 1-900 Hotline, for his expert analysis on the reasons behind Bischoff's firing Hedging his bet so he can claim to have gotten the scoop no matter what happens, Seltzer provided[...]
CM Punk Will Appear at Starrcast, All But Confirming AEW All Out Involvement
Adding credence to that speculation, notable wrestling "journalist" Dan Seltzer of Dan Seltzer's Wrestling Examiner 1-900 Hotline claimed to have backstage confirmation that Punk has joined AEW and will be at the show. "Sources tell me Punk has signed a deal and will definitely appear at the show, unless he hasn't, and unless he doesn't," Seltzer[...]
Report: Schrodinger's Dean Ambrose to Both Leave and Stay in WWE at the Same Time
And in just the last few days, WOR's Bryan Alvarez has reported rumors that Ambrose is now planning to stay in WWE, while WOR's Dave Meltzer went on to report that Ambrose is still expected to leave. So what is the current status of Ambrexit? Today, a new report appeared on Dan Seltzer's Wrestling Examiner 1-900 hotline[...]
WWE Reminded Tye Dillinger Works There When He Requests Release
WWE officials were shocked and confused Wednesday to learn that WWE Superstar Tye Dillinger had requested his release from the company, according to Dan Seltzer's Wrasslin' Examiner 1-900 Hotline (get your parents' permission before calling kids — or don't Dan doesn't care as long as he gets his $11.99 per minute). "Who?" Vince McMahon reportedly said[...]