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Review: Arcade1Up Rampage Arcade Cabinet
Those games are the original versions of Gauntlet, Joust, and Defender We'll get to those in a moment The cabinet itself is pretty sturdy and takes up only 2/3rd the space a regular sized one would Doesn't hurt that the cabinet by itself is only 4' tall With the version we got, the company threw[...]
Chip Kidd's New Batman Project To Be Previewed In September's CBLDF Defender
CBLDF Defender is a giveaway comic bought in bulk by comic book stores at FCBD-or-less prices, to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, September's issue, with an Olivier Copiel Thor cover talks to Thor's writer Jason Aaron about comics, censorship, and his latest projects But also exclusive to the magazine will be a sneak[...]
Art Of Atari Gets An 80's Style Book Trailer
A few squiggly lines to adjust the vertical hold would've been a nice touch… Just looking at that image below, I can see so many of the games I had… Defender, Outlaw, Missile Command, Vangaurd… and the list goes on. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Art of Atari Book Trailer Dynamite Entertainment ( [...]