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"A Christmas Carol": BBC/FX's Gratuitously Grimdark Take Demands a "Merry-F***ing-Christmas" – or Else [REVIEW]

Stephen Graham, Eddie Marsan, Andy Serkis and Jason Flemyng What could possibly go wrong?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNxZazunHF0The answer? EVERYTHING.This is an R-rated, gore-encrusted, F-word-spewing grimfest with the most irredeemably evil Scrooge ever! The original story had Scrooge as a curmudgeonly misanthrope This version of Scrooge is an outright sociopathic monster! His childhood of hideous abuse turns him into[...]

12 Pubs, 12 Things, The World's End

The new, longer trailer for The World's End offers some answers and poses some all new, apocalyptic questions. I take a look at 12 things about it.

Martin Freeman And Eddie Marsan Join Edgar Wright's The World's End

Now we have the names of the other two - and it's The Hobbit Hobbit Martin Freeman, and Snow White and The Huntsman dwarf Eddie Marsan That's a really fucking impressive line-up, if you'll excuse my French.We don't have character names for three of these guys just yet but I'd bet on a Bishop and a Rook[...]

New Snow White And The Huntsman Clip Shows Off The Dwarfs

There's some great actors in the lineup - Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones and Ian McShane are favourites, I got to speak to Nick Frost and Ray Winstone about the film recently and they're superb too - and the characters seem to have been rather well realised visually.Check out this clip from when they first encounter[...]

Union Hijack – Paddy Considine's Tyrannosaur Poster

For Independence Day 2011, I'm devoting my film stories on Bleeding Cool to things from the UK. It's partly a practical measure – there's nothing much going on in the US, except for parties and fireworks. it's also just, you know, a bit novel. We'll start with something of a picture post. Don't worry – […]