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Hip Hop Superstar MURS Join’s Image/Skybound’s Excellence Kickstarter
In late February, we let you know that Image/Skybound had launched a Kickstarter campaign for Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph's hit series Excellence with the surprising opportunity to actually star in the comic. A graphic novel collection of the acclaimed series about a young Black man born into a world of magic that has defined his[...]
A Chance To Appear In Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph's Excellence
It's Excellence time! Last September, we let you know first that Skybound had partnered with acclaimed creator Michelle Fus to bring Ava's Demon to Kickstarter The project raised over $500,000, a truly massive number for a comic book Kickstarter campaign. And, as Skybound teased last month, today they've launched a Kickstarter for Brandon Thomas and Khary[...]
Getting to Know Black / Excellence with Khary Randolph
More recently he's been involved with Black Mask's smash hit BLACK and last year launched the new Image Comics hit with creator Brandon Thomas, Excellence In time for his gallery opening September 26th at City Tech in NYC, Randolph took some time for an interview about his experience in comics, work ethic, his gallery opening,[...]
Excellence Brings A Secret World of Socercy to Life
The world of magic has four rules; protection and defense of the undeserving is not allowed, the creation of a magician's wand without permission is not allowed, the casting of spells without an approved wand is not allowed, and the use of magic by females is not allowed.  Excellence introduces a world of hierarchy, bloodlines,[...]
Khary Randolph and Brandon Thomas Make Magic at Image with Excellence in May
Image Comics has announced a new action/fantasy comic from Khary Randolph and Brandon Thomas, with Emilio Lopez also listed on the cover, called Excellence, touted in the press release for featuring a creative team comprised entirely of creators of color Spencer Dales is the protagonist of the series, son of a member of a secret society of[...]