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Titan Debuts Duke Mighten​'s Interior Art For Fighting American #1
A lot of fans wondered if Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Fighting American would ever reach the glorious heights of his 1990s heyday, when he was drawn by comics great Sir Robert Liefeld But Titan Comics answered the question earlier this year when they revealed they're bringing the hero back. And it couldn't have come at[...]
Fighting American #1 From Titan Comics Will Debut On Joe Simon's Birthday, October 11th
Titan Comics are publishing a new Fighting American series in October, the character created by the late Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1954 as a response to Timely/Atlas Comics (the precursor to Marvel) revamping Captain Americain a new series without them. So they decide to create another patriotically themed character, Fighting American[...]
Titan To Publish New Simon And Kirby's Fighting American Comics
And Bleeding Cool has eyes and ears on the floor. Where Titan Comics has just announced they are to publish new comics featuring Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Fighting American, the creator-owned character they created to show the then-publishers of Captain America comics how it should be done… And they had plenty more to show off too[...]