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Ianto Jones: Highlights | Torchwood
Their latest is a supercut of the short, tragic life of Torchwood operative Ianto Jones, as played by Gareth David-Lloyd Ianto was supposed to be the steady, social, and dependable one, the one who made the tea, who kept the paperwork logged, the weapons and equipment properly maintained and stored When he first appeared in[...]
Torchwood: Children of Earth Supercut is Still Shockingly Relevant
Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) meeting his family at the start pretty much signals he's going to die later on Torchwood headquarters gets blown up Peter Capaldi's searing performance as the civil servant who's a good soldier doing his duty only to be betrayed horribly by his government masters and his tragic end The plot charts Torchwood's[...]
Doctor Who's Queer Now?
Davies, Bethany Black and Gareth David-Lloyd, with more promised to come, and numerous activities including screenings, Q&As and more. Held in conjunction with Pride Cymru, you can find tickets for the event here, and get to enjoy an LGBT event for Doctor Who in a location it was even filmed in!   Doctor Who is celebrating LGBT[...]