Torchwood Supercut Traces The Short, Tragic Life of Ianto Jones

The era of Doctor Who supercuts is upon us. Of course, this would extend to the show's spinoffs, especially the still-popular Torchwood. Their latest is a supercut of the short, tragic life of Torchwood operative Ianto Jones, as played by Gareth David-Lloyd. Ianto was supposed to be the steady, social, and dependable one, the one who made the tea, who kept the paperwork logged, the weapons and equipment properly maintained and stored. When he first appeared in the pilot, he was like their Alfred. Respectful, deferential, and efficient. He turned out to have a ton of tragic backstory and pathos.

Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto in "Torchwood", BBC America

This is what the show revealed about Jones: he took care of an abusive, alcoholic father. He was recruited into Torchwood at the age of 18 and was there when the Cybermen invaded and killed or assimilated virtually everyone there, including his girlfriend. He tried to keep her alive in secret in the new headquarters in Cardiff and nearly brought about the end of the world before she had to be put down. He became extremely depressed and suicidal because of Torchwood. He found love again with Captain Jack (John Barrowman), knowing that Jack would move on after he dies. He died without hearing Jack saying he loved him.

Come to think of it, virtually all the members of Torchwood had tragic lives. They tended to die on the job. Owen and Tosh both met sad, ignoble ends. Ianto was no different. The show was Russell T. Davies' Science Fiction Sadness Machine. To this day, fans never forgave the show for killing Ianto. He's been held up as part of the "burying the gay" trope- though to be fair, the show indiscriminately kills off people of all stripes, including children. Ianto's death was designed to break fans' hearts. Davies has never been coy about that. It's what drama's about after all. Now you get to relive Ianto's moments from the show in one convenient video.

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