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Ale Bodden wrote from New York Comic Con 2017: As a woman with a growing interest in geek fashion, I had to make it to this year's Business of Geek Fashion panel at New York Comic Con 2017 The ladies in attendance are the reason why my closet and drawers now have dresses, shirts, shoes, accessories,[...]
Her Universe fashion show
 That's true, but the claim that Her Universe originated the idea of a geek fashion show doesn't hold up. As early as 2007 at SiliCon, Douggary Grant was producing a geek fashion show in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a full three years before Her Universe was formed Then fast-forwarding to 2013 at San Jose California's[...]
Geek Fashion Takes To The Stars With New Swimwear Line That Also Gives To STEM
Move over Her Universe, Black Milk, and Poprageous there's a new player in town in the geek fashion world, and that's Celestial Body Swimwear Created by actress/producer Rileah Vanderbilt along with costumer Jes Reaves, the lines have a distinctly space-y bent to them. While the bulk of current geek fashion is inspired by fictional elements, Vanderbilt and[...]