Loungefly Is Here To Provide You With The Marvel Purse Of Your Dreams

star wars celebrationWe first saw Loungefly back when I went to Celebration and made a post about how geek culture is changing to include more than just figures and unisex t-shirts. They had some cute merchandise but nothing that I really fell in love with. However, I might have a problem with these purses because they are making me want to buy every single one of them. I'm not usually a purse person, I carry a laptop so I stick to messenger bags and backpacks, but I want to buy the crap out of every single one of these purses. I want put on all of my nerd dresses that I've bought over the years, a pair of killer heels, put one of these on my arm, and go stomp the patriarchy.

Fashionably Geek posted pictures of the Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Agent Carter, and Captain Marvel. Most of the purses and wallets are up for pre-order over at Think Geek. The wallets start at $34.99 and the bags are $69.99 which is really not bad for a purse.

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