Ronda Rousey Producing New Fight Series, Judo Throws WWE Questions

While her return to the UFC is forever in doubt at this point, she is not entirely stepping away from the combat sports.Why We Fight Trailer produced by Ronda Rousey She is a producer on the series Why We Fight on go90 Here is the trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa_VbLrgVmU An immersive, gritty docu-series that dives into the worlds of fighters[...]

AwesomenessTV Brings 'My Dead Ex' To Life As Verizon go90 Series

AwesomenessTV is about to test the limits of the old adage that "love never dies" as the media company finalized casting and began production on their new scripted series My Dead Ex for Verizon's go90 video streaming service.My Dead Ex puts a very unique spin on the whole "will they/won't they" romantic storyline: sure, Charley (Katherine[...]

Stage 13, Warner Bros.' New Digital Content Brand, Promises "Unapologetic" Programming

Two Sentence Horror Stories will also premiere that month on Verizon's go90 platform, joining original horror-comedy series Snatchers.For Diana Mogollón, Stage 13's senior vice-president and general manager, it's about reaching a younger and more diverse audience with programming that speaks to their varied interests: “We were looking for an opportunity to super-serve the young, multicultural audience and[...]

WB's Stage 13 Comedy-Horror Series 'Snatchers' Gets Due Date From Verizon's Go90

Mark June 22, 2017 on your calendars for a very special, very out-of-this-world "baby shower" as Verizon’s go90 will be premiering their scripted horror-comedy series Snatchers, which also serves as the inaugural launch from Warner Bros Digital Studios' Stage 13 brand.Debuting originally at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as part of its Midnight Episodic Showcase, the first[...]

Transformers: Combiner Wars Launches Today On Go90

Hasbro and Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars launched today on Verizon's go90 service.The series takes place forty years after the great war on Earth; a time when the Autobots and Decepticons have disbanded and returned to Cybertron But the return of an ancient technology allowing Transformers to combine into massive Combiners threatens the fragile peace.In the[...]

New Street Fighter: Resurrection Trailer Suggest Shadaloo May Be Returning

When the situation turns into a gun fight, Ryu fears it might also be the work of Charlie Nash.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFCYfvMg-3s[/youtube]Street Fighter: Resurrection debuts on go90 March 15th. In the new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter: Resurrection, Interpol agents prepare to take down a secretive arms transfer[...]