Laurence Fishburne ALMOST Suited up as Goliath in 'Ant-Man and The Wasp'

Bill Foster) suited up as Goliath in the film as well.On a recent visit to the Empire Magazine film podcast, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed confirmed the original plan to have Goliath make his 21-foot appearance in the film: "We had a draft when Ava [Starr AKA Ghost] is recounting her backstory, and then there was a version where[...]

Gargoyles Funko Pops Hit Stores in July

Goliath and Demona get keychains, and an exclusive version of Demona can be found at Hot Topic.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="855027,855029,855033,855023,855022"]Five Gargoyles join Pop as Goliath, Lexington, Brooklyn, Demona, and Bronx are now immortalized in Pop form All three sculpts are pretty awesome, I really don't have any complaints here Be sure to pick up the[...]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion.Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]

A 45-Year Old Barry Windsor Smith Avengers Page Up For Auction

The issue features Goliath attacking a Skrull ship, but running out of his growth tablets and having to switch back to archery as Hawkeye to take the ship down It crashes in Yugoslavia where he is found by a traveling circus that he joins up with as a way of payment and discovers that the strongman[...]

Trailer For Kevin Eastman's Animated Take On War Of The Worlds‏

It's been a long time coming but the animated War of the Worlds movie, subtitled Goliath, is finally on its way to release I've seen promotions for this film at three consecutive San Diego Comic Cons and it was in the works for a good while before even that.The film has been executive produced by[...]

Countdown To The Eisners – Best Graphic Album-New

Goliath, by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)Review copy unavailable.The Hive, by Charles Burns (Pantheon)Charles Burns is back with the sequel to his 2010 graphic novel X’ed Out, as we continue to follow the young performance artist Doug and try to figure out what ever happened between him and Sarah In The Hive we get another[...]

Just Eight Backers Push Mike Ploog's Kickstarter Past $20,000

Michael Friedlander' and Mike Ploog have run a Kickstarter for $10,000 to fund their new children's book, Goliath, featuring a large white gorilla.One person pledged $40 for the Kickstarter cover hardcover edition.One person pledged $50 for that, and the sketchbook.Then four pledged $2,500 to get three signed and numbered deluxe volumes and all three sketchbooks[...]

Monday Runaround – Shock Treatment

Goliath, Chroniques De Jerusalem and My Friend Dahmer. This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking I come for your women But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online One day I will rule Until that day, read on. They say I am a work in progress The fools.Sneak Peek: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9[...]