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Halloween Horror Nights Film Coming From Blumhouse?

Halloween Horror Nights Film Coming From Blumhouse?

While I would be just as excited as anyone to see what they could do with the concept, there already WAS a Halloween Horror Nights type of slasher film released in 2018, and it was quite good.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olBLvQ26_eMThat's right, Hell Fest! This was a gem released to little fanfare and disappointing box office in the fall[...]

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Hell Fest Review: A Great Start to the Halloween Season

This season will have plenty of choices, both in theaters and on the small screen.  That being said, this weekend Monster Kids will want to make sure they catch Hell Fest in theaters while they can.Six friends meet up and attend a horror amusement park called Hell Fest, a Halloween Horror Nights style park with[...]

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New Exclusive Clip from Hell Fest Shows off Some Creepy Dolls

How do you escape someone that you think is trying to kill you when you're at a horror themed night at an amusement park? That is the question that the new horror movie Hell Fest is asking We even see something in the trailer that we don't often see in horror movies; the kids asking[...]

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Hell Fest Trailer: Slasher Fun at an Amusement Park!

Hell Fest debuted its red band trailer today Three couples attend a horror-themed amusement park where a masked killer takes out his victims, all while attendees at the park are not sure if it is part of the act or not Violence and mayhem ensues, and the killer has a pretty creepy mask that I[...]

First Trailer for Amusement Park-Set Horror Movie 'Hell Fest' is Here

We got a first look at Hell Fest the other day This is a horror movie that takes place during the horror-themed night at an amusement park, and a serial killer uses the scene to move among the crowd without anyone suspecting him We got a first trailer for the movie.https://youtu.be/2zNAtmmWSJYDirector Gregory Plotkin talked to Entertainment[...]

First Look at the New Horror Movie Hell Fest Plus a Poster

One of the horror movies looking to make a mark this fall season is Hell Fest which is being distributed by Lionsgate Attendees at CinemaCon got a first look at the movie back in April but Entertainment Weekly has provided some images of the upcoming production It takes place at a theme park during their[...]