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Goel And Mohanty's Ravanayan Shows That 'Evil' Is Essentially Attractive

By Sreejita BiswasWhen they rejected the idea of developing the character of Duryodhana, the villainous Kaurava from Mahabharata, as the protagonist of a graphic narrative, Vivek Goel and Vijayendra Mohanty realized that greatness is never defined by darkness alone but intricate nuances, both honorable and immoral, that contribute to the complex process of storytelling -[...]

It's An All-Out God-War In New Graphic Novel The Skull Rosary

By Akshay Dhar One of the biggest and most highly anticipated releases of the recently concluded 3rd Mumbai Film and Comic Convention held at the end of December 2013, was The Skull Rosary.A mammoth 100-page collection of five loosely connected mythological tales, this ambitious project is penned entirely by Shweta Taneja who has previously written for[...]