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AWA Announces “Devil’s Highway” by Benjamin Percy and Brent Schoonover
Fully funded by James Murdoch's Lupa Systems, Sister Group, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, AWA has some of the biggest names in comics and film, such as J Michael Straczynski, Reggie Hudlin, Garth Ennis, and Frank Cho working to craft new worlds, characters, and stories for a 21st Century audience Find out more about our work[...]
AWA Studios Releases Launch Video Ahead of March Launch of Their Comics
The company is fully funded by James Murdoch and Lightspeed Venture Partners They clearly have the long game in mind AWA has at least sixteen more titles in the pipeline from creators like Reginald Hudlin, Christa Faust, Frank Cho and Garth Ennis. We've read the first issues and they're a strong lineup with a lot of[...]