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X-Men: Bland Design – Don't Lose Your Head! It's Cable #154
Let's dive into Cable next… Cable #154 Writer: Ed Brisson Artist: Jon Malin Colorists: Jesus Aburtov with Federico Blee Letterer: Travis Lanham Cover: Jon Malin and Juan Fernandez Cable #154 is the final chapter in the Newer Mutants storyline, which sees the titular time-travelling mutant pluck versions of Longshot, Shatterstar, X-23, Armor, and Doop from the timestream in an attempt to solve[...]
Cable Artist Jon Malin on Nazis, Marvel, SJWs, X-Men… and Shell Beach (UPDATE)
Last night, the current nineties-style artist on the X-Men title Cable, Jon Malin, was discussing the effect that people dubbed as "Social Justice Warriors" are having on the comic book industry. Used as a term of abuse against people that cover a wide range of people such as those who promote and support the #metoo campaign[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – The 90s are Alive and Well in Cable #153
That's the whole point. Now then… Cable #153 Writer: Ed Brisson Artist: Jon Malin Colorist: Jesus Aburtov Leterer: Travis Lanham Damage: $3.99 Cable #153 is part 4 of the Newer Mutants storyline, in which Cable gathers various X-Men from the timestream to help him solve a murder mystery involving the Externals, an immortal cabal of mutant antagonists from the Rob Liefeld era with[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Jon Malin Responds To Criticism Of Blink's Costume On Cable #153 Cover
Welcome to another edition of the ongoing saga known as… Artist Jon Malin responded Wednesday to online criticism of his cover for Cable #153, which featured the shocking revelation that X-Men character Blink has undergone a botched breast enlargement procedure wherein the silicone implants were accidentally filled with four-times the amount of silicone and also it wasn't[...]
x-men cable cover
Just take a look at her new costume, as revealed on Jon Malin's cover for Cable #153: Leaving aside the lack of any discernible design aesthetic and its lack of any practical purpose beyond pandering to the male gaze, the costume is remarkable for brazenly disregarding physical logic Somehow, the costume acts like a push-up bra,[...]
Cable Gathers Newer New Mutants For Marvel Legacy With Ed Brisson And Jon Malin
James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco/Yildiray Cinar are out (at least for the first arc), and Ed Brisson and Jon Malin are in! Cable is putting the band back together again Or maybe he's putting it back together previously Who knows? This time travel stuff is really confusing. What we do know is that Marvel is revealing the[...]
Why Marvel Should Bring Back The Thunderbolts
Jim Zub, Jon Malin, and Matt Yackey's Thunderbolts is one of the best comics to come out in recent years There, I said it. It's the truth Here we have a comic that perfectly balanced character and action, perfectly understood the characters and the spirit of the team, and had some of the most endearing moments[...]
Jim Zub Just Pitched Another Thunderbolts Series And Needs Fan Support
After neither got an announced title with the 52 Marvel: Legacy announcement, I had worried that it will be a good while before the team or Bucky makes a return (and I still don't know if that scene from Steve Rogers: Captain America was the latter's death, given that explosions are about as lethal as[...]