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The Domestics

Tyler Hoechlin Goes Mad Max in Exclusive Clip from 'The Domestics'

Nelson's feature debut as a writer/director The Domestics jumps into the deep end of the post-apocalyptic pool with a cross-country trek that is equal parts Mad Max and The Warriors, with an atmospheric setting not unlike The Walking Dead.The film stars two Superman-affiliated alums as a married couple -- Kate Bosworth (who played Lois Lane in Superman Returns) as Nina and[...]

Before I Wake

Thomas Jane, Kate Bosworth and Jacob Tremblay Lead Netflix Film 'Before I Wake'

It stars Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay and Annabeth Gish.The film seems rather intense as the way Jessie (Bosworth) and Mark (Jane) discover Cody's ability is when his dreams manifest their deceased son Shawn before them But they realize that Cody is afraid of going to sleep and learn why as some of his nightmares[...]

Do Not Watch This Trailer For Island Thriller Black Rock

Since it was must-see, I of course missed it due to the London transport system having a minor meltdown and leaving me stuck on a train somewhere between Richmond and Waterloo for the duration of the screening time.Hopefully I'll get another chance when Black Rock sees a UK release some time next year. The film is[...]

Straw Dogs – The Bleeding Cool Review

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth are very easy on the eye, sure Even if James has traded in his Cyclops visor for some geeky glasses They’ve got a terrific car too The primary antagonist, Alexander Skarsgård – who I still think would have made a great Thor – is an undeniably handsome fellow Even the[...]