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secret empire #10
However, when the heroes use them, it just feels cheap. That's why Kobik wasn't the worst character idea in the world, because it made the Cube limited and something that needed to be negotiated with instead of just, "Grab this and save the day." The predominance of Bucky in Secret Empire #10 was a nice change of pace, and[...]
Why Marvel Should Bring Back The Thunderbolts
This bit of fighting-the-power is something that surely pleased the discontented punk rocker in anyone who checked it out. From there, the Thunderbolts took on aliens, the Inhumans, and the Squadron Supreme. In between the awesome fights, we get to see Moonstone struggle under Bucky's relatively straight-edged leadership, the sweet big brother-little sister relationship between Buck and[...]
Marvel Comics Push Thunderbolts #3 – Is It Down To Captain America And Kobik?
And revealed, spoilers, that Kobik, the sentient cosmic cube used by SHIELD to create Pleasant Hill, has been under the control and influence of the Red Skull the whole time, and turned Captain America into a Hydra agent And not a gay one either. But Kobik has also been running around the Thunderbolts comic book as well, which[...]