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Masters Of Cinema To Release Outback Cult Classic Wake In Fright

The UK label Masters of Cinema today announced that they will be releasing the Australian cult classic Wake in Fright (aka Outback)on Blu-ray and DVD in early 2014.The film is set to play the Discovery Screen at FrightFest on the 23rd of August and I shall certainly be trying to get in to that screening to[...]

A Sneak Peek At The Masters Of Cinema August And September Line-Up

Even though the Masters of Cinema August and September releases have yet to be announced they can be found listed in an advertisement on page two of this month's Sight and Sound.I've listed all the titles below and added in the directors and years in case you are unfamiliar with the films.AugustTarnished Angels (Douglas Sirk,[...]

Masters Of Cinema To Release Computer Chess In The UK

We're between instalments of Craig Skinner's superb Masters of Cinema Monthly column right now but that doesn't mean the Masters or their Eureka Entertainment overlords are just sitting on their hands.Nope, they've just dropped one of their least expected announcements to date, slotting in Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess for a cinema release in the UK[...]

Masters of Cinema Monthly May 2013 – Announcements And Roger Ebert's Great Movies

Welcome to the Masters of Cinema Monthly.Today, Masters of Cinema announced their June-July line up and gave cinephiles five good reasons their wallets may feel a little lighter this summer.The press release is as follows, From landmark silent cinema and a thrilling rediscovery from a French legend to an early sound cinema classic and the finest[...]

Douglas Trumbull Talks About His Next Space Adventure

Which is, how are we going to survive and where are we going to go when we use this place up? Those issues are part of the underpinnings of some of the movies I'm working on. Check back here to read the whole interview in next month's Masters of Cinema Monthly, which will include Douglas Trumbull's[...]

Masters of Cinema Monthly December 2011 – Silent Running and Touch of Evil

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly.As this month's column comes shortly after the previous one there's not too much MoC news I'm therefore going to just focus on the two latest releases, the first fruits of MoC's deal with Universal - Silent Running and Touch of Evil These are really extraordinary releases though, and there's[...]

Music And Books Are Not Region Encoded – Why Should Films Be?

We love the Masters of Cinema range of DVD and Blu-ray releases, and have often been caught recommending their titles They're a UK imprint of Eureka films, and for Little Bleeders in the US, getting a hold of their titles is simply a case of shopping online and having the discs shipped to you.And most[...]