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Before They Were 'Gods': Mr. Wednesday Met Crockett & Tubbs. Twice.
And who can forget his turn on HBO's Deadwood as Al Swearengen, owner of the Gem Saloon and all-around force of destruction with a black-belt in dropping f-bombs. McShane's enjoyed a fulfilling acting career that's spanned over a half-century…one that's survived even this:   Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Blackburn, Lancashire-born McShane as… Drug dealer[...]
Vin Diesel Can Feel A 'Miami Vice' Reboot Coming In The Air Tonight
Hearkening back to a simpler time when pastel t-shirts with white suits was never not awesome and Glenn Frey had you convinced that yeah, maybe you did belong to the city, NBC announced that it is looking to revive Miami Vice, one of the network's most successful police procedurals…in large part, thanks to Vin Diesel. Shana[...]
Catching Up With Shannon Eric Denton
Shannon Eric Denton is a man who wears many hats... and I don't mean the cowboy hat and ball cap he is known to wear at conventions. He is the editor
The Miami Vice Remix Trailer Is Almost As Insane As The Comic
This is the trailer for the second issue of Miami Vice Remix by Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood for IDW and Lion Forge Comics. Starring Jim Mahfood. I know I didn't either. [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy Then enjoy the comic It is seriously easy to do.   This is the trailer for the second issue of Miami Vice Remix by Joe Casey[...]
You Still Have Those Pastel Suits? Miami Vice Goes Digital
Lion Forge Comics is kicking off its new digital comic series based on the hit 80's television phenomenon Miami Vice. If you are too young to remember the series that featured Sonny Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs as a pair of live-by-their-own-rules detectives for the Metro-Dade Police Department… well then I'm envious of your youth… but[...]