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On Monday, rocker Neil Young took to his "Neil Young Archives" site (which you can check out here) to continue his attack against Spotify, the music streamer's CEO Daniel Ek, and podcast host Joe Rogan Addressing his fellow musicians, content creators, and the company's employees in a post that also addressed banks that profit from[...]
In response to the recent controversy surrounding his Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and artists like Neil Young pulling their music over the streamer's lack of response to his COVID misinformation campaign, Joe Rogan posted a 10-minute video where the host claims that he's looking to "do my best in the future to balance[...]
In reaction to the controversy surrounding musician Neil Young and others pulling their music from the streaming service in response to podcast host Joe Rogan's steady stream of COVID-19 misinformation, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted a statement on the streaming music & podcast service (which you can check out below) announcing new & updated policies[...]
Spotify Sold Its Soul to Joe Rogan But Where Are Neil Young's Friends?
For those of you who haven't heard, Spotify was put into a bit of a quandary earlier this week when rock-n-roll icon Neil Young called out the streaming service for allowing celebrated man-child, sixth-most talented person on Newsradio & The Man Show B-Team member Joe Rogan pretty much free range to espouse or host any[...]