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DC Comics Embossed Foil 90s Variants Covers Have A Big Price Problem
DC Comics is publishing embossed foil variant covers of some of their titles in a celebration of nineties comics cover excess But what they also have done is introduced the same kind of uncertainty that those covers brought. Retailers tell me that the foil covers of this week's Joker and Batman comic books have no price[...]
DC Comics Brings Back Foil Multi-Level Embossed Variant For 90s Rewind
DC Comics has decided to celebrate nineties comic books, in all their glorious ephemeral excess with a series of foil and multi-level embossed covers on five titles in November This cover was once considered the kind of tactic that ignores the contents of a comic book in favour of a flashy frontispiece and, eventually, led[...]
Nineties Bad Girl Comic Rebooted As Revenge Fantasy Against Misogynist Trolls And Haters
And has been reviving a number of previous series from the nineties, rebooting and reinventing them, more tongue in cheek than the originals, and using respected writers to do so Then using Kickstarter as a way to target pre-orders directly to the readers to launch the new series, bypassing distributors and retailers. And Lookers is the latest, to be[...]
Is Leinil Yu Teasing His Marvel Nineties Secret Wars Series?
Leinil Yu tweets, Btw, if you want shoulder pads and bulky armor on your superheroes, wait for my next mini from Marvel;) wondering when it's gonna be outted — Leinil Yu (@leinilyu) March 15, 2015 Could this be the rumoured Fabian Nicieza Age Of Apocalypse series for Marvel's Secret Wars perhaps? Or something completly different? Either way, it[...]
This Week, Ben 10 Met A Rob Liefeld Version Of Himself
There's the Rob Liefeld Cable shoulder pads, Rob Liefeld Shatterstar face mask, Jim Lee Warblade claws and Gambit floppy hair over the top of masks, and Whilce Portacio Iron Man vents, in this week's episode of Ben 10, he comes up against the nineties excess of comic books, as he meets those responsible for his[...]