Radical - Why the Nineties Was Actually The Best Decade For Comics

Radical – Why the Nineties Was Actually The Best Decade For Comics

 Louis Adcock works for Piranha Comics in both Kingston and Bromley in South London. And he has things to say; It's no news that the vast majority of comic book readers view the 90s as the worst decade in the history of the medium. With its excesses, terrible costume designs and recycled cynical events written […]

Nineties Bad Girl Comic Rebooted As Revenge Fantasy Against Misogynist Trolls And Haters

Lookers was a sexy espionage (sexpionage?) comic book about two sisters, Michelle and Tanya Nichols,who ran Complete Recovery, Inc, a private investigation agency that specialized "in retrieving the lost, the stolen, and the missing". One was dedicated to the cause, the other was rather flippant. Created and written by Avatar publishers William Christensen and Mark Seifert it was originally […]

Is Leinil Yu Teasing His Marvel Nineties Secret Wars Series?

Leinil Yu tweets, Btw, if you want shoulder pads and bulky armor on your superheroes, wait for my next mini from Marvel;) wondering when it's gonna be outted — Leinil Yu (@leinilyu) March 15, 2015 Could this be the rumoured Fabian Nicieza Age Of Apocalypse series for Marvel's Secret Wars perhaps? Or something completly different? […]

This Week, Ben 10 Met A Rob Liefeld Version Of Himself

There's the Rob Liefeld Cable shoulder pads, Rob Liefeld Shatterstar face mask, Jim Lee Warblade claws and Gambit floppy hair over the top of masks, and Whilce Portacio Iron Man vents, in this week's episode of Ben 10, he comes up against the nineties excess of comic books, as he meets those responsible for his […]