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Van Scivers Fante Bukowski Two And More From Fantagraphics In February

Van Sciver's "Fante Bukowski Two" And More From Fantagraphics In February

Noah Van Sciver's 2015 graphic novella, Fante Bukowski, about a hack writer with delusions of grandeur (no, it's not a biography of Rich Johnston), was nominated for the Eisner in 2016 In February, the sequel, inventively titled Fante Bukowski Two, will hit comic shops.FANTE BUKOWSKI TWO by Noah Van Sciver $14.99 / SC / 184 pgs /[...]

Meet 2D Cloud Purveyor of Disturbing Comics

Meet 2D Cloud, Purveyor of Disturbing Comics

I opened their broadsheet newspaper style comics Deep in the Woods, drawn by indie award-winner Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman, whose cover depicts a wide-eyed, sweating Red Riding Hood talking to the floating, severed head of a steer, while tinged in a sickly green, and found that this "double feature" opens with Van Sciver's[...]