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DC Adds John Byrne Generations and Grant Morrison Superman Omnibuses
DC Comics have added a couple more Omnibuses to their 2021 schedule, into February, both at $75 a pop, both with Superman and both coming through Lunar, UCS and Penguin Random House… and from a couple of big names as well Even if one despises the work of the other… Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus HC [...]
85 Marvel Omnibuses Being Discounting to Comic Stores
While retailers were happy to get a deal and pass those savings onto the customers – initially until people realised that these omnibuses were now out of print and more attractive financially as a result It's a marketing distorting exercise that can also warp marketshare for that month as well, especially when pursued as aggressively[...]
8 More Absolute/Omnibus Books from DC Comics 2018
Absolutes and Omnibuses that DC Comics haven't solicited yet. Absolute Flashpoint  Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert 18 December 2018 Hardcover $75.00 272 pages Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's universe-altering classic graphic novel, FLASHPOINT, is now available in his oversize slipcase Absolute edition, complete with behind-the-scenes scripts, design sketches and other bonus material! Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld[...]