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Pokémon Masters EX Introduces New Unova Pairs
This event features Ingo and Emmet as they attempt to build a facility on Pasio similar to the Battle Subway on Unova Players can earn in-game rewards such as Strike move candy coins, Support move candy coins, and 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets by completing battles in this event. Also, Pokémon Masters EX isn't letting Niantic have the Bidoof[...]
Spring Comes to Pokémon Masters EX with "Pasio Eggsplorers"
DeNA Co., Ltd., has announced, in partnership with The Pokémon Company International, their slate of Spring 2021 content and events in Pokémon Masters EX including the new "Pasio Eggsplorers" event Let's dig into the details. Pokémon Masters EX still Credit: Pokémon Blog The new additions in Pokémon Masters EX for Spring 2021 include: New sync pairs: Special versions of the[...]