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All 440 Cosplay Shots From A Weekend Of Phoenix Comicon
But Matthew Barta and SaraJean Greenaway of Nerd Team 30 took so many cosplay photos for Bleeding Cool from Phoenix Comicon that we had to compile them all in one massive post… See yourself? Let us know in the comments! All photos taken by Neil Greenaway and Matthew Barta See Thursday/Friday and Saturday Cosplay photos from Phoenix Comicon here[...]
Comic Cons And Tax Codes – Updated
I spent this past weekend at the Phoenix Comicon, one of my favorite conventions of the year I will be writing up a con recap shortly But something that bugged me this weekend about the show was something the convention had no control over and something that I think there should at least be a[...]
Phoenix Comicon Apologises For Heated Lines
So the attendees of Phoenix Comicon 2016 were understandably upset when the registration line to enter the convention was moved outside, with people having to wait in that line for hours We had the chance to see the line (it was huge) and talk to some of the folks who were waiting Standing in the[...]
Cosplay And Bingo Happening In Phoenix
Okay, this is a new one to me. I'll be a guest at the Phoenix Comicon next weekend and as a guest, I get the promotional mail as well Today I got one for a special event taking place at the Fort McDowell Casino on June 4th They are having a Cosplay Bingo night. The first Saturday[...]
Phoenix Comicon And Supply Pod Team For Convention Specific Mystery Box
So what's next? How about a convention-specific mystery box? This years Phoenix Comicon has teamed up with Supply Pod to offer a mystery box for con goers With a theme of Space Exploration, the box will also contain an exclusive shirt Estimated value of all items are $85 while the box is selling for $39.99[...]
Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest To Try Interactive Programming
The Phoenix Comicon is one of my favorite shows of the year I have done my best to convince every creator I talk to to go out for the con It's run by great people, attended by amazing fans and is just one of the most pleasant times I have on the convention circuit all[...]
Things To Do On The West Coast In May If You Like Comics
Kids 12 and under get in free with a paid general admission. And, plan early for these very popular events coming up in June: Phoenix Comicon 2014 will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center I've heard nothing but kudos for this con, which last year attracted over 55,000 attendees Incredible guests are planned at the 14th[...]
The Ashes Of Phoenix
Alex Wilson writes; ​Phoenix Comic Con has wrapped up for another year as we prepare for more upcoming conventions. (My next is San Diego.) This
A Few Things I Learned At The Phoenix Comicon
So I went to Phoenix Comicon These are eleven things I learned Not about DC's Villain Month Forever Evil, there's still more on that to come Might have to wait till I get home to the UK though… That the show treats its guests better than any other comic convention I am aware of. To a ridiculous[...]
Did You Go To The Bleeding Cool Fan Awards? You Could Be Up $46…
  Attendees of the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards at Phoenix Comicon last night picked up a free copy of Adventure Time #16, with a Bleeding Cool variant cover. One copy of which has just sold on eBay for $46, two days later. Told you it would be worthwhile attending… Here's a look at the event, courtesy of Alex Wilson… [...]