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Layoffs Hit Phoenix Comicon's Parent Company Ahead of 2019 Show
Square Egg Entertainment, the company behind Phoenix Comicon – sorry, I mean Phoenix Comic Fest – sorry, I mean Phoenix Fan Fusion, as well as Minnesota Fan Fusion, and the new Vegas Fan Fusion – has confirmed a number of layoffs having been made made across the convention organizer's divisions. "As a business, we must align internal organizational structure to[...]
Life On Mars With Mark Gardner And John J. Rust
Rust at Phoenix Comicon last month I was eager to hear about the books they had each authored individually, and equally excited to hear that they had recently co-written a sequel to the classic H.G Wells novel War Of The Worlds Our conversation ranged from cryptid hunters to space disasters and from superheroes to sea-raptors[...]
A Better Way To Longbox – The Drawerboxes Of Rich Vincent
This year at Phoenix Comicon I was able to sit down and talk with Rich Vincent, the creator of the amazing collectable storage system. Bleeding Cool: You are the creator of the Drawer Box Comic Storage System So first off, if I could get just a little bit of history, how did you come up with[...]
Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank More details have emerged via the Arizona Republic surrounding the arrest of Matthew Sterling,  who according to Phoenix Police arrived on Thursday at Phoenix Comicon carrying weapons with the intend to target specific individuals including Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank  As noted in the probable cause filing against Sterling, weapons recovered from him included: A TWELVE GAUGE SHOTGUN, TWO[...]
"Be Creative" – Scripted Hollow At Phoenix Comicon Irks Other Exhibitors
Phoenix Comicon is kicking off and while the world is concerned about a firearm arrest at the show, the people on the ground are just annoyed about the props restrictions now imposed. What we need is a distraction! Such as a look at some of the booths at the show Specifically, the booth known as Scripted[...]
Tom Hodges' Midknight #1 Debuted At Phoenix Comicon
James Sabata writes,  Phoenix Comicon was the first show to feature the debut issue of Antiis Comics Presents, a new book from Tom Hodges Antiis Comics Presents is a single title with a rotating cast of new heroes and villains, set to build a Universe one story at a time all in one title. "The idea is[...]
A Comic Made Entirely Out Of Creepypasta, At Phoenix Comicon
Cava, has been writing horror for over fifteen years and has published five books in the genre.  They recently teamed up to create the Creepypasta comic and sat down with me at Phoenix ComiCon to talk about it. James Sabata : For anyone who doesn't know, what exactly is a "Creepypasta?" Mr Creepypasta: Creepypastas are basically the horror[...]