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Poser Composers Adam Robl & Shawn Sutta on Their Music Influences
Composers Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta have blended their two passions with music and films Since their theatrical debut in the 2012 documentary Our Longest Drive, the two scored several projects in documentaries and movies, including Uncle John (2015), Before the Fire (2020), East of Middle West (2021), and Grasshoppers (2021) Both spoke to Bleeding[...]
poser waxwork comics
But what if some of these creeps were real? In Waxwork Comics' Poser #1, writer Matt Miner explores that very idea. On Redondo Beach, California in 1982, a group of punks are teasing a hapless young man who just wants to fit in Tired of constantly being teased, he kills two of his bullies Fast forward[...]
Poser #1 cover by Clay McCormack
However, something evil is lurking in the background, and it has its eyes on Ash and her friends. Poser #1 cover by Clay McCormack Poser presents punk rock-flavored slasher horror Ash, Max, and their friends are being set up to be hunted by the malevolent "Poser." It seems apparent that Ash's father is one of the survivors[...]