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EXCLUSIVE: The Plush Poyo From Skelton Crew Studio, For Chew
Apparently that's what you do. John Layman and Rob Guillory's Poyo, from the comic book (and upcoming animated series) Chew A fury in feather form, a poultry psychopath, the beak of burden, the death cock, its Poyo! As created by Skelton Crew Studios! I must have one. He's 15 inches tall from comb to toe and will[...]
Cover Variance: Chew, Poyo Warrior Chicken Special
Here is the second print variant of Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1, the first print ofwhich sold out like a bomb. And it's keeping a grand tradition of Poyo covers… here are a couple of Days Of Future Poyo… Here is the second print variant of Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1, the first print ofwhich sold[...]
This Is Your Traditional Poyo San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Cover For Chew
Another San Diego Comic Con, another variant cover for Chew starring everyone's favourite warrior cyborg chicken, Poyo With orange foil and limited to 1000 copies, it will be on sale at John Layman's table at the show Which, as we know, attracts a line... And yes, it rather resembles a certain playbook…   Another San Diego Comic[...]
Poyo Gets A Second Shot At The Spotlight With Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo
The demand for Poyo is rather large It must be satisified And that's what the Chew team are doing, just in time for San Diego Comic Con I doubt it'll be the only Poyo-related product on sale at that show… John Layman and Rob Guillory team up to bring back CHEW fans' most beloved homicidal cybernetic[...]
Poyo Or Bust For 2014
The Chew Smorgasbord got a mention in the Top 11 Graphic Novels of the year. How much of it is down to Poyo is probably up for debate But the odds are, "lots". But as cyborg-enhanced chicken killing machines there are few to match him. And now you can get a bust version of the character[...]
Poyo Variant Cover Sells Out At San Diego Comic Con
John Layman printed hundreds of copies of the Secret Agent Poyo comic, a spinoff of Chew, for San Diego Comic Con, exclusively. They were to have had a pink metallic foil cover, but printer error turned it gold. Nevertheless, he has now almost sold out, and has put a block on selling any more today[...]
Chog Collecting Craze About To Start
Chogs are the strange hybrid between frogs and chicken, created by genetic laboratories in the comic Chew as a way to get around the federal prohibition of chicken. No one really wanta Chog, but they're kinda forced to. Possibly, a little like these actual Chogs from Skelton Crew Studio, creating a series of pop replicas from the[...]
Secret Agent Poyo Gets Jesse Jamesed
But take it away, Jesse… Oh yeah!! You might have seen some pictures of the new Secret Agent Poyo COMIC BY John Layman and Rob Guillory hitting San Diego Comic Con next week However, here is the real view of Secret Agent Poyo right out of the box! Also, my friend and stellar artist Tony Parker will[...]
Poyo! Poyo! Poyo! At San Diego Comic Con
Secret Agent Poyo is the upcoming Chew oneshot starring the cyborg assassin chicken from the series who has become a breakout hit character without one word of dialogue escaping from his beak. I've had a very minor role in this comic, helping John Layman with a few English specific references, as the chicken in question is[...]