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Interior preview page from SAVAGE AVENGERS #6 LEINIL YU COVER
Now trapped in the future, The Savage Avengers sans Conan are targets of Punisher 2099 in this preview of Savage Avengers #6 Check out the preview below. Savage Avengers #6 by David Pepose & Carlos Magno, cover by Leinil Yu ESCAPE FROM NUEVA YORK! Following their harrowing journey to the Hyborian Age, the Savage Avengers have learned no[...]
Hydra Cap Funko Hot Topic Exclusive Variant
Hey, Gwenpool got one, so why not? We get a very angry looking glow-in-the-dark version of King Groot at Target, and finally a Punisher 2099 Pop at Walgreens Walgreens has had a few exclusive Punisher products the last couple years — a Thunderbolts Pop with Red accents and a Jim Lee-inspired classic Punisher Marvel Legends[...]
The Return Of Punisher 2099 – After Two Decades
Punisher 2099 was co-created by Pat Mills, one of the men behind the creation of Judge Dredd and the co-creator of Marshal Law When Pat creates superheroes, he has a tendency to create them for satirical purpose and go over the top sowing what a bad idea the character would be in real life And[...]