Contest Of Champions Gets Some Funky Funkos, Including Secret Empire Cap

Contest of Champions, the popular Marvel mobile game, is getting a pretty big wave of Funko Pops. While I have never played the game myself, millions of others have, and I am sure that they will be excited about these. As with most other waves of Funko Pops, there will be tons of exclusives as well, including a kind of surprising one. These will all be hitting stores in February.

Marvel Contest of Champions Funko Pops

I think it's safe to say that even non-players are going to be falling all over themselves to get Venompool. That one is a licence to print money at this point. From a game prospective, I have no clue how popular that version is. I do know however that the What If? comic is insanely popular. So expect a tough time getting to that one. Howard the Duck looks insane in that mech suit. And Groot with a beard is amazing.

Marvel Contest of Champions Funko Pop Exclusives

Whelp, there it is — a Secret Empire Captain America toy. Did not think we would ever see any merch made from that, but here we are. It will be exclusive to Hot Topic. I am curious to see how fast this one flies off the shelf. My guess is not very quickly.

For selfie fans, GameStop is getting a Venompool exclusive with a phone. Hey, Gwenpool got one, so why not? We get a very angry looking glow-in-the-dark version of King Groot at Target, and finally a Punisher 2099 Pop at Walgreens. Walgreens has had a few exclusive Punisher products the last couple years — a Thunderbolts Pop with Red accents and a Jim Lee-inspired classic Punisher Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro.

You can preorder the regular releases already here. Good luck, Venompool fans!

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