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Reaver #11 Review: A Bloody Punctuation Mark
Reaver #11's storyline concludes with a bloody punctuation mark covering a string of child abductions in the medieval seaside city of Haas Haaden The city's most infamous son, Essen Breaker, is a legend on the battlefield — standing head and shoulder over most men with a physique and ferocity that would make an NFL player blanche[...]
Reaver #10 Review: One Of The Best Fantasy Comics On The Stands
There's no way to clean that up; it's messed up from top to bottom. The cover of Reaver #10 Credit: Image Comics With fire and bloodshed, the superbly violent soldier Essen Breaker and his diminutive and murderous colleague, the torturer Rekala make an attack on the men responsible for this horrible practice This gives the reader a Man[...]
Reaver #9 Review: Escalated Rather Quickly
Still, all of the factors seem aligned against them as they run into law enforcement who clearly are intent on neither protecting nor serving. The cover of Reaver #9 published by Image Comics with the creative team of Justin Jordan, Niko Henrichon, and Clayton Cowles.   Justin Jordan has created a richly developed medieval world of swords for[...]
Reaver #8 Review: "Trying To Be The Shepherd"
Luckily, as noted, he's got some unexpected backup from a diminutive bloodthirsty torturer called Rekala who's got a mission that aligns with his own — to save children taken from the streets and sent into a life of horror. The cover of Reaver #8 published by Image Comics with the creative team of Justin Jordan, Niko[...]
REVIEW: Reaver #7 -- "As Is Often The Case With Hard Men, Trouble Isn't Very Hard To Find"
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. REAVER #7 WRITER: JUSTIN JORDAN ARTIST: NIKO HENRICHON COVER: BECKY CLOONAN Essen Breaker is tired of violence He's traveled to Haas Haaden, the city at the edge of the world, to escape it But where Breaker goes, death follows. Join writer JUSTIN JORDAN and new series artist NIKO HENRICHON (Pride of Baghdad) for the start of a brand-new[...]