Reaver #11 Review: A Bloody Punctuation Mark

Reaver #11's storyline concludes with a bloody punctuation mark covering a string of child abductions in the medieval seaside city of Haas Haaden. The city's most infamous son, Essen Breaker, is a legend on the battlefield — standing head and shoulder over most men with a physique and ferocity that would make an NFL player blanche with terror and some jealousy. After surviving an almost Suicide Squad-themed mission, Breaker has come home alongside a new colleague, the diminutive and bloodthirsty torturer Rekala to stop a rash of children disappearing into the night.

Reaver #11 Review: A Bloody Punctuation Mark
The cover of Reaver #11. Image Credit: Image Comics

In the last issue, the mastermind behind this criminal enterprise was revealed, shaking Breaker to his core. This time, the hand that's directed every twist and turn reveals the motivations and rationales that led them all here, which again gives Breaker quite more to mull over than he would have wanted. That leads to revelations about the magic that's practiced in this fantasy world that really adds a lot to the mantra "magic always has a cost."

This issue had a lot of talking heads, but Niko Henrichon and Clayton Cowles still managed to make this wordy issue fairly engaging. The pacing from Justin Jordan's script seemed a bit off, though, as though a lot more needed to be covered than this issue had room to do and needed to close this down sooner than expected. The two main characters didn't so much solve the mystery as just keep killing people in the right direction until all the answers revealed themselves.

It's quite possible this might read more evenly in a collected edition, as it wasn't bad, but just felt like its revelations needed more room to breathe. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

By Justin Jordan, Niko Henrichon, Becky Cloonan
'THE GRIM AFTER,' Part Five The truth has been revealed. But there may be one enemy Essen Breaker can't kill … his own past.

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