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The 47 Comics Creators Thanked In The Suicide Squad - And Those Not
But there are also a few notable names missing… Suicide Squad screencap John Ostrander (above) – creator of the modern-day Suicide Squad, co-creator of Amanda Waller, John Economos, Flo Crawley, and Briscoe. Luke McDonnell – artist on the original Suicide Squad series, co-creator of John Economos, Flo Crawley, and Briscoe. Ross Andru – co-creator of Rick Flag, co-creator of original[...]
Star Spangled War Stories #90 title splash, DC Comics 1960.
Because it's also a very good way to create a war comic without connecting it to any particular conflict, and that's likely what editor Robert Kanigher had in mind.  The title had been focused largely on World War II stories for nearly eight years by the time The War That Time Forgot debuted in Star[...]
Wonder Woman #105 written by Robert Kanigher, penciled by Ross Andru, and inked by Mike Esposito, DC Comics 1959.
Long considered an important moment in Silver Age Wonder Woman history, there's a Wonder Woman #105 CGC VG+ 4.5 Off-white pages up for auction this week in the 2021 May 16-17 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction #122120 from Heritage Auctions. #105 written by Robert Kanigher, penciled by Ross Andru, and inked by[...]
Wonder Woman #45 panel detail drawn by H.G. Peter, DC Comics 1951.
Peter, DC Comics, 1951. As with most classic comic book origin retold moments, Wonder Woman #45 remains true to the spirit of the original while refining or updating a plethora of details.  Most of the character's now-legendary origin was told in her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 — though important background detail was relegated[...]
A Golden Thread – The Unofficial Critical History Of Wonder Woman
Other times, like in the dire twenty year run of Robert Kanigher, who took over the book after William Moulton Marston died, she's largely a regressive figure, and the book seems determined to run and hide from any feminist or political implications But no matter what, she's been there, as a massive piece of popular[...]