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I talked him [Russell Crowe] into how I bring him back I used the [body] of a dying warrior as a portal to bring somebody back. Reportedly, this sequel is for Paramount, and writer Peter Craig (Top Gun: Maverick) will tackle the script Deadline says Gladiator 2's story (at this time) will: follow the continuing story of Lucius, the son of[...]
Russell Crowe to Play Fox News Founder Roger Ailes in Showtime Limited Series
Credit (left): Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0] – Wikimedia Commons / (right): By Ninian Reid [CC BY 2.0], – Wikimedia CommonsAcademy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind) is marking his U.S television debut by tackling the life of one of the most controversial figures in news media, late Fox News founder Roger Ailes, in an eight-episode[...]
russell crowe art of divorce auction
You know you've always wanted to own a piece of Hollywood, and Russell Crowe's "The Art of Divorce" auction through Sotheby's Australia might just be your chance The Oscar-winning actor is going through the last steps in finalizing a divorce from almost-former-wife Danielle Spencer. Crowe has said this auction is to "create some space for the future" in[...]
And we meet Henry Jeckyll (Russell Crowe), head of a secret organization of monster hunters who Jenny works for Nick is the chosen vessel for Set and from there you have a movie. It's a pretty straight forward plot with some interesting characters I like the early interaction between Nick and Vail and I like the[...]
The Mummy Review: A Desiccated Corpse Held Together By Flimsy Bandages
Hyde fame and played by Russell Crowe) who seems to be this universe's version of Nick Fury (and a Lawful Evil one at that). People will probably flock to it, and it'll make enough money that the Studio pulls the trigger on the next handful (though why they've got Bride of Frankenstein currently slated before Frankenstein I've[...]
A Poster And Another Trailer Teaser For The Tom Cruise Mummy Movie
Vance , and Russell Crowe Man, seeing him ham it up is always a great time as well They are starting to talk me into this. Look for the full trailer on Sunday. Universal Pictures this morning has released a new poster for their Tom Cruise starring version of The Mummy Set to hit theaters June[...]
A Look Inside The New Mummy Film
Star Tom Cruise says it's the biggest film he's ever done… and it's his first chance to work with his long time friend Russell Crowe This is Universal's chance to build a universe of movies around the classic monster characters Besides the Mummy, we also get Dr Jeckyll in this. can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
The Water Diviner – Visually Stunning, Ultimately Hollow
Russell Crowe's directorial debut The Water Diviner frames itself against this architecture of uncertainty and change, and while the film begins with great promise, it eventually sags under the weight of maudlin unoriginality. The film opens with an interesting sleight of hand; as an officer dresses and prepares for battle the western viewer typically assumes that[...]
Russell Crowe Wants To Do A Man Of Steel Prequel
Russell Crowe chatted with MTV recently and was asked if he would be returning to the DC Universe The actor said he wasn't sure, but was fascinated by the Krypton that Zack Snyder had created and would love to do a prequel that told the story of Jor-El and Zod and how they ended up[...]
First Clip From Darren Aronofsky's Noah
Go figure. Now, the first scene from the film has been released, featuring Russell Crowe's titular bearded figure telling his wife (Jennifer Connolly) and young children that they have to save the innocents – aka animals – in the face of am impending storm. Now, remember, just because you see this happen in the movie, doesn't mean[...]