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Comic Book Workers United
Stresing, Harley Munsie, Emilio Delgado, Brentt Harshman, Ali Rose, Sam Henderson, Christopher Leinonen, Deniz camp, Marty, d'Sean Windom, Andre Frattino, Markus Perry, Elissa Carrillo-Medina, Mr Yield, Michael Christopher Heron, Mark Sable, anker melby larsson, Emma Price, Lauren Beukes, MB Keenan, Zé Burnay, Dorothy Brockgreitens, Sarah Gratton, John Morris Robinson, Anthony Cruz, Brandon Graham, Danielle Rivera,[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
She's also currently working on a big project–the comics adaptation of her father's journals recounting his life growing up in an "Irish slum" in Oakland, CA, and talking about the changes in the region over time called Frankly East 14th Street. [Joan Reilly] Next up were Sam Henderson of The Magic Whistle and Danny Hellman of Typhon[...]
Glorious SPX – Live Comics Carousel With Sikoryak, Hanawalt, Kupperman, Stein
Sikoryak at SPX, featuring a massive cast of performers from a wide range of comics genres, including Lisa Hanawalt, Sam Henderson, Michael Kupperman, Anders Nilsen, Leslie Stein, and Kriota Willberg. Sikoryak's Carousels are a legend in their own time, particularly in the New York area, drawing in a wide range of comics creators to do dramatic[...]