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Gorfinkel And Benefiel Team For Michael Midas Champion
Gorfinkel and DC and Marvel artist Scott Benefiel team-up to tell the tale of Michael Midas Champion The story focuses on the real life problems that come with not only being a superhero but with just being human His strength and stamina does nothing to pay the bills Out of the costume he's struggling blue collar[...]
Michael Midas Champion Challenges The Superhero Origin Story, Plus Preview
Gorfinkel (Batman: No Man's Land, Birds of Prey), with art by Scott Benefiel (Transformers, Superman), Michael Midas Champion is a thought-provoking super-adventure that still has plenty of brawling, flying, rescuing, and ninja action The story follows Michael Midas, a bullied kid who, like all superheroes, gains extraordinary powers in a freak occurrence But unlike the[...]