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The Ghost Limb Sensations Of INJ Culbard's The King In Yellow
Chambers' original work which INJ Culbard is adapting in his new graphic novel The King in Yellow from Selfmade Hero/Abrams which I picked up at San Diego Comic-Con I've been waiting for the book for some time because I am curious about pulp literature, aware from exploring the edges of Lovecraftian lore about The King[...]
Boom! Announces Uber Stylish Spy-Fi Series Steed And Mrs. Peel
Culbard on Selfmade Hero's well received series of Sherlock Holmes graphic novels. Artist Marco Cosentino of Grimm Fairy Tales and cover artist Stacey Lee join Edginton in bringing these two iconic Avengers characters to a new medium It's a return to the roots of spy fiction grounded in iconic style and witty dialogue drawing on[...]
Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Graphic Novels of 2013
The Park, from Selfmade Hero, written and illustrated by Oscar Zarate Out in the UK now, out in the US soon, this counts There are two sides to a story from two different perspectives over one event that takes place in a park Did the dog pounce and bite, did the man flail out and kick[...]