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Telepaths #1: JMS’ New Series Treads Familiar Apocalyptic Ground
Telepaths, out this week, is the latest comic series by Joe Michael Straczynski It's reminiscent of TV series like Lost or Heroes, setting up a long-running arc with a large ensemble cast in a sprawling saga This time, it's about what happens when everyone in the world can start reading minds. "Telepaths #1" cover art courtesy[...]
Cover image for TELEPATHS #1 (OF 6) CVR A EPTING
J Michael Straczynski has yet another book launching from AWA, Telepaths, this time with Steve Epting, co-creator of Velvet, Crux, and El Cazador, and colourist Brian Reber JMS is also, of course, famous for writing about telepaths in Babylon 5 Looks like he may be channeling this in September, in a world where ten percent[...]