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Pumpkinhead #2 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood
Giger's design, and I love Venom. Pumpkinhead #2 art by Blacky Shepherd and Thiago Ribeiro Blacky Shepherd contributes some solid and well-detailed art in this issue too There are some drawbacks compared to the previous installment; the inking is not nearly as extensive in the detailing, leaving the characters looking slicker and less fleshed-out compared to the[...]
Pumpkinhead #1 cover by Kelley Jones and Chris O'Halloran
Admittedly, it could become a problem after the fact for everyone else looking into this case, which builds a tension for the long haul. There's a short section at the end that deals with the demon of gluttony, and it brings a Tales from the Crypt vibe to complement the main tale. Pumpkinhead #1 art by Blacky[...]