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Pumpkinhead #2 Review: Artistic Step-Down but Still Solid Action-Horror

Pumpkinhead closes in on Clayton Reese and his associates. After a bloodbath, Clayton and his two guardians escape the farm and get in contact with someone who could help stop Pumpkinhead. Back in town, the sheriff and her deputy stumble across the massacre at Reese's hideout thanks to a drug bust. This leads them back to the drunkard from the previous issue whom knows of the demons.

Pumpkinhead #2 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood
Pumpkinhead #2 Cover by Kyle Strahm and Greg Smallwood

We get to see the demon through more people this issue, including crushing one head like a melon, which actually looks goofy. Its pursuit of Clayton is exciting, even if it begins and ends with the demon seeming inept.

The pacing is fast with this one. It goes in and out in five minutes, tops. That does say something about the visual storytelling in Pumpkinhead #2; a lot of text isn't necessary to understand the story because the art conveys the plot.

That's not to say that the plot is particularly elaborate in this one. Not a lot happens in this installment. Clayton gets away and finds some help, and the Sheriff gets a lead on learning about the existence of the demon.

Also, it occurred to me that Pumpkinhead looks a lot like the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and I can't stop noticing it. Then again, Marvel's Venom cribbed a fair amount from H. R. Giger's design, and I love Venom.

Pumpkinhead #2 art by Blacky Shepherd and Thiago Ribeiro
Pumpkinhead #2 art by Blacky Shepherd and Thiago Ribeiro

Blacky Shepherd contributes some solid and well-detailed art in this issue too. There are some drawbacks compared to the previous installment; the inking is not nearly as extensive in the detailing, leaving the characters looking slicker and less fleshed-out compared to the first issue. Thiago Ribeiro's color art is quite good too, and it adds that extra level of unease to the book.

Pumpkinhead #2 isn't as grabbing as the previous book, but it's still fun. There's some good action, and the pacing is swift. It goes in and out quickly. The art is a little less impressive due to the inking, but the comic still looks decent on the whole. I can recommend it to the action-horror fan, so feel free to check it out.

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