Tim Seely

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 Review: Steve Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

This one-shot (maybe?) tells a good story about Steve saving the day with his Oddfellows, in the form of ageless children being taken by Saturna and her Crimson Men.Tim Seely writes a neatly contained story, with a somewhat ambiguous ending While Wonder Woman is not the focus here, it doesn't cheapen her to just someone[...]

Grayson #7: Manhood, Midnighter, Watchmen And A Happy Ending?

By Shawn Perry 'Sup Bleeders, It has been too long since I waxed eloquent about my favorite superhero sans-super-powers so I am going to get right to the point: Grayson #7 by Tim Seeley and Tom King was the most effortlessly brilliant issue of the run. Once again Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox prove capable […]

'You Have To Go And Talk About It' – Grayson #1 Lives Up To Its Hype

By Shawn Perry Earlier this week, Grayson #1 hit the stands and I am happy to report it was a promising and highly entertaining debut for the new series by Tim Seeley and Tom King. Whether you're for or against Nightwing taking off the mask and playing spy, this series looks primed to take one […]

Nightwing #30 – Grayson's Becoming His Own Man

By Shawn PerrySpinning out of the events of Forever Evil the final issue of Nightwing serves as an introduction to the new status quo Dick Grayson finds himself in the on-going series Grayson by Tim Seely and Tom King It looks like the boy wonder is finally becoming his own man.Nightwing #30 is the final[...]

Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers?

Where’s the person who makes the conceptual leap that Tim Seely of Hack/Slash fame could be writing Grayson, a character with nearly 75 years of history behind him and not much of it particularly horror-driven? Why isn’t someone taking that chance with more persons-of-color?Where are the new talents of color that potentially could be hailed[...]

Artists Close out SDCC Sunday with a Discussion on Book Banning

Dustin Hall writes for Bleeding Cool: While SDCC is, for many, the happiest place on earth, there's still important business to attend to. While others hunt down movie trailers, autographs, and snap shots with hot cosplayers, one panel of creators do their duty, talking about censorship in the press and raising money to help. The […]