Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 Review: Steve Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

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wonder woman: steve trevor

Chances are you've seen Wonder Woman, realized it was one of the best comic book movies ever made (and DC's strongest film yet), and now you probably want to read more Wonder Woman stories. I don't blame you.


During my recent trip to Third Eye Comics, I picked up Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1. I'll admit, I don't read Wonder Woman regularly. But after the movie I wanted to dive in with the Amazon Princess and her friends.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 is an excellent starting point, even though it focuses on Steve. It doesn't give us much backstory to anyone, but that's OK — sometimes it's good to go in blind and hope the story fleshes out over time. This one-shot (maybe?) tells a good story about Steve saving the day with his Oddfellows, in the form of ageless children being taken by Saturna and her Crimson Men.

Tim Seely writes a neatly contained story, with a somewhat ambiguous ending. While Wonder Woman is not the focus here, it doesn't cheapen her to just someone on the sidelines. She is there, saving Steve, before he runs off. It's genuinely interesting to read his thoughts about his connection with Diana. Maybe he feels guilty for taking her out of Paradise Island, which is why he hadn't expressed his feelings for her (despite the fact that she knows). It's a weighty thing to think about. Did he ruin her life by crashing on the island? Diana certainly doesn't think so, but Steve will likely wrestle with this idea forever.

Christian Duce's pencils are spot on. You can visually follow the story through the characters expressions, which are brought to life with colors by Allen Passalaqua. They're a dynamic art team, and I genuinely love how Duce pencils Diana. She is physically imposing and rather intimidating, which is how I like my Wonder Woman.

Hopefully we'll see more than just an issue #1, but even if we don't, this is worth picking up!

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