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Girl Trouble Takes On A Whole New Meaning In EPIC
Tyler James writes for Bleeding Cool: Girls and superheroes. In high school, I spent 90% of my time thinking about one or the other Now, some 16 years later, a little wiser and a lot less awkward around the ladies — oh, who am I kidding, the only lady I want to be cool around now is[...]
BC Mag #1: Review: The Red Ten
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Keith Davidsen Writer Tyler James wants to kill the Justice League, but he'll settle for The Alliance, a heroic team created for The Red Ten Illustrated by Cesar Feliciano, this ten-issue series is a cape-and-cowl revision of Agatha Christie's cherished whodunit, And Then There Were None The premise sees ten heroes[...]
Oxymoron Kickstarter is the Very Definition of Outside-the-Box Promotion
I recently caught wind of the Kickstarter program by Tyler James for his Oxymoron hardcover graphic novel, published by ComixTribe The project is described as… …a hideously beautiful graphic novel about a contradiction-obsessed psychopath Because everyone loves a good villain. Regarding the Kickstarter program itself… frankly, I'm stunned senseless. The Oxymoron Kickstarter is one of the most innovative,[...]
Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics
Sam Humphries and Tyler James have both done incredible things with their micro-distro outreach.  I'd love to see more outreach like this from creators. As far as stuff we've tried, there's nothing that beats recommending quality comics that match up to your customer's tastes Promotions and gimmicks aside, we've found our best sales strategies are getting[...]