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NECA Reveals Photos Of Victor Crowley 8-Inch Figure, Out In January
Victor Crowley is one of the more modern horror icons, and NECA has dropped new pics of his first action figure Done in the eight-inch retro style, this comes with cloth overalls and rooted hair, along with weapons like a belt sander and double-sided hatchet, of course All of that will be bundled into a[...]
3 Reasons We're Hoping for a Second Hatchet Trilogy
Horror franchises come and go, with many studios making films as a quick cash grab, or maybe because an existing property might be easier to get a green light — but the Hatchet franchise is clearly a passionate homage to the slasher genre.  From the Camp Crystal Lake legend Jason Voorhees to the babysitter stalker Michael[...]
"Hatchet" Star Danielle Harris Suggests More Sequels Are Coming
After four films, (three of which featured Harris) the scream queen has confirmed that there are plans for at least two more films before concluding. Harris took over the role of Marybeth Dunston beginning with Hatchet II and her role was crucial to the story of Victor Crowley, a swamp-based murderer with a craving for carnage[...]
Victor Crowley still
Victor Crowley, the Hatchet sequel nobody knew was coming, is hitting the road for fans to experience Director Adam Green will even be in attendance at some of the showings, as they roll this one out old-school style.   This is always a pretty neat idea and a unique opportunity for fans And I am happy that Cleveland[...]
'Victor Crowley': The 'Hatchet' Sequel You Didn't Know About (TRAILER)
Victor Crowley is the fourth installment in the horror franchise, a sequel/reboot that brings Crowley (Kane Hodder) back to the swamps to up his body count scorecard with those who should've used some basic common sense and never went into the swamps in the first place. Notice I used "is the fourth installment" and not "will[...]