3 Reasons We're Hoping for a Second Hatchet Trilogy

Horror franchises come and go, with many studios making films as a quick cash grab, or maybe because an existing property might be easier to get a green light — but the Hatchet franchise is clearly a passionate homage to the slasher genre. 

From the Camp Crystal Lake legend Jason Voorhees to the babysitter stalker Michael Myers, a slasher film is nothing without a villain and the hatchet-wielding lore behind Victor Crowley. He sets up some of the best campy horror in decades, with equal brutality to stay true to the genre's gore. The first Hatchet trilogy set the bar for not only indie horror but also reminded major production companies about following through with your vision. After the success of the 2017 Victor Crowley, which was said to be the beginning of Hatchet's second trilogy, we've heard buzz that there's still plans to return to the story that birthed the Honey Island Swamp massacre, and it's about time. 

An Ongoing Story

In every chapter of Hatchet, each film picked up where the previous movie left off, which typically involved a very blood-soaked cliffhanger and, more often than not, Crowley coming face to face with Danielle Harris's character Marybeth Dunston. The plot of the three films prior to Victor Crowley comes over the course of three nights, with an impossible amount of chaos and entertainment. 

In Victor Crowley, we jump ten years and end on yet another cliffhanger (possibly the best of all four films), so the idea of picking up with the next confrontation only creates more anticipation for the events that follow. There aren't any drastic or jarring shifts in the film's story, so it's nice to know what you can expect — with twists that feel much more natural to the world that's been established. 

One Badass Scream Queen Played by Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris first appeared in Hatchet II, taking over the role of our kickass horror heroine Marybeth Dunston. Harris's version of the woman seeking revenge for her family made Marybeth feel much tougher, grittier, and more willing to do what it takes to survive. The film led to one big blowout between Crowley and Marybeth, and at that point, it became evident that she had horror icon material.

3 Reasons We're Hoping for a Second Hatchet Trilogy
Posters for Hatchet, Hatchet III, and Hatchet III. Credit: Dark Sky Films

In Hatchet III, the film expanded the lore of Crowley and required heavy involvement from Marybeth that ended on an ambiguous conclusion that hinted towards something direr for Harris. By the time Victor Crowley was released, we saw one glimpse at what happened to the scream queen, and without getting too deep into spoiler territory — it creates an opportunity for a major clash that's sure to bring bloodshed. 

The Hatchet Cast Sets the Tone

In the first Hatchet movie, there is a good amount of faces who have appeared in anything from horror to comedy, each bringing their respective talents to the table. On the one hand, there are so many horror icons from films like Friday the 13th or Candyman, and on the other, we have people who can create a sense of relief with a humorous approach to each scenario. 

One of those (who has also appeared in every film) is Parry Shen, who has already played three different characters, used multiple accents, and brings a comforting concept of comedy to each chapter. In addition to Shen's perfect performance in the franchise, there's an array of new faces in each film with their own quirky backstories and issues, making the writing feel fresh and constantly evolving at a rapid pace. 

Although there isn't any official movement that we're aware of, there's still plenty of conversations from those involved that suggests we will get the chance to see Crowley and Marybeth face off once again. Would you like to see a follow up to Victor Crowley?

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