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Warren Spector Working On New Gaming With OtherSide Entertainment
OtherSide Entertainment has announced this week that Warren Spector is officially working on a new game through the company The news, while cool, is kinda weird overall First off, Spector founded OtherSide with Paul Neurath, so it's really weird that they needed to announce he was making a game through the very company he created[...]
Warren Spector To Be 2017 Bit Awards' Game Changer Honoree
This Afternoon, the 2017 Bit Awards announced that they would be adding Warren Spector as their latest Game Changer Honoree Spector has been involved with both tabletop and video game production over the years, but modern gamers would probably know him best for the Deus Ex series Below is a snippet from the press release sent out[...]
Deus Ex Creator Is Taking Charge Of System Shock 3
Warren Spector, most famously known s the creator of the original Deus Ex, has finally returned to full time game development and will lead production at Otherside Entertainment. This is a truly fascinating pairing, and has the potential to make the game feel very old school  Or perhaps, they will all push on and create something[...]
Watch The Original Creators Of Deus Ex Play Their Game 15 Years After Release
So many games from today owes a ton of their mechanics to the classic. That game is 15 this year and to celebrate, Square Enix got three of the game's key creatives in game director Warren Spector, lead programmer Chris Norden and writer Sheldon Pacottinto into a room to play their old game for an hour[...]
Deus Ex Creator Is Cautious Of Mankind Divided Being Too Violent
Warren Spector is one of the West's most recognizable and influential game designers While his achievements are many, a fair portion of that fame comes from being the creator of Deus Ex. That's what makes his incite into the newly announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pretty fascinating Which is exactly what we got in a recent[...]