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Wasted Space Audio Drama Gets Trailer, Release Date
Vault Comics and Graphic Audio have revealed the trailer and release date for the audio drama adaptation of Wasted Space, the hit comic book created by Michael Moreci and Hayden Sherman The audio drama, first announced back in May when Moreci signed an extended deal with Vault, will be "adapted directly from the graphic novel[...]
Michael Moreci Signs with Vault for Wasted Space Audio Drama, More Comics
In addition to continuing to produce issues of Wasted Space, Moreci and artist Hayden Sherman's creator-owned comic book series, Moreci will be working with Graphic Audio on an audio drama adaptation of Wasted Space Wasted Space is expected to run for 25 issues as a comic book. Moreci will also work on brand new projects at[...]
Vault Upgrades Wasted Space to Ongoing with 20-Issue Commitment
Vault Comics has upgraded Wasted Space, the comic by Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie, and Jim Campbell, to an ongoing series Wasted Space #4 is hitting stores next week, to be followed by Wasted Space #5, concluding the first story arc in the comic, but we can now expect 20 more issues, the publisher[...]
Vault Comics Launches 'BookIt' Online Preorder Service with 20 Retailers
BookIt is completely free to join and free to use, and always will be. Vault's preorder website is clean and easy to navigate, and currently features all the books available in May and June, along with their variant covers. Clicking on a book, like Wasted Space #2, brings you to a page showing the cover and solicit[...]
Black Star Renegades
You probably know Michael Moreci as a writer of comics like Roche Limit at Image Comics, The Flash at DC Comics, and the upcoming Wasted Space at Vault Comics But Moreci recently leveled up as well with his first published novel, Black Star Renegades. "In the tradition of Star Wars, a galaxy-hopping space adventure about a[...]