Vault Upgrades Wasted Space to Ongoing with 20-Issue Commitment

Vault Comics has upgraded Wasted Space, the comic by Michael Moreci, Hayden Sherman, Jason Wordie, and Jim Campbell, to an ongoing series. Wasted Space #4 is hitting stores next week, to be followed by Wasted Space #5, concluding the first story arc in the comic, but we can now expect 20 more issues, the publisher revealed on Paste Magazine.

Of course, you might be tempted to ask the question: Wasted Space wasn't an ongoing in the first place? And yes, dear reader, that's a valid question, since it didn't seem to be solicited as a mini-series, but comic books follow the TV season format these days. Who are we to question progress? Besides, in the modern comics landscape, 20 issues is a huge commitment.

Wasted Space has been a hit, going back for multiple printings, helping catapult Vault to its position leading the always-shuffling pack of "hippest" comic book publishers, known for its upstart attitude, off-beat comics by rising-star creators getting great word of mouth. Of course, one Netflix deal too many and people will start thinking you've sold out, so watch your back, Vault!

If you haven't been reading Wasted Space, you can catch up with the first three on ComiXology right now, and if you live near a participating retailer, have the next two shipped to them through Vault's online preorder website.

Vault Upgrades Wasted Space to Ongoing with 20-Issue Commitment


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