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Wytchwood Will Be Released For PC On December 9th
Whitethorn Digital and WhisperGames, along with developer Alientrap, announced that their new game Wytchwood is coming on December 9th If you're not entirely familiar with this game, the team has put together a cute and artsy crafting adventure game set in a land where gothic fables and fairytales are real and live in the same[...]
"We Should Talk" Gets A PC & Console Release Date
Whitethorn Digital and Insatiable Cycle revealed today that their upcoming narrative game We Should Talk is headed to PC and all major consoles in June The game is a combination of texting and chatting as you'll make choices in the conversation, both with a date and patrons at the bar as well as on your[...]
"Evan’s Remains" Will Be Released On Steam In June 2020
Whitethorn Digital announced this week that the Maitan69 (Matías Schmied) indie adventure platformer Evan's Remains will be coming out this Summer The game will officially be released on Steam on June 11th, 2020 it looks really well-done with a number of throwback mechanics to SNES/Genesis platforms or adventure titles We especially dig the idea that[...]
Things Get Surreal With Where The Bees Make Honey at PAX East 2019
So that was the first little interesting perk to the game. credit//Whitethorn Digital Where The Bees Make Honey switches you between genres of game but it's ultimately one giant puzzle game where you have to figure out what's going on around you to progress to the next area Some of it is you as an adult reflecting[...]
'Beans' Is Like Working At Starbucks, Only With Your Pride And Murders
Sometimes we come across an indie title on a website and we think "That seems like something cool to show off, so why not?" Beans: A Coffee Shop Simulator is an indie title from Whitethorn Digital where you run your own coffee shop. The game is essentially a coffee shop simulator with a twist where you[...]