After Firing Her, WWE Sends Mickie James Her Items In A Garbage Bag

WWE prides itself on professionalism and class, choosing to compare itself to a major Hollywood studio rather than any other pro wrestling company.  And nothing symbolizes professionalism and class from a billion-dollar quite like a garbage bag, right?  This is what recently released multi-time champion Mickie James was left to think about today when she was seemingly sent her remaining items from WWE… in a garbage bag.  A garbage bag.  They couldn't spare a WWE duffle bag, a mailing envelope, or even a cardboard box.  No, WWE felt a garbage bag got the job done fine.

After Firing Her, WWE Sends Mickie James Her Items In A Garbage Bag
Mickie James, who was released last week, courtesy of WWE.

In a tweet this afternoon from Mickie James herself, she thanked WWE and its Chairman Vince McMahon for the "care package" they sent her, accompanied by a photo revealing her items in a garbage bag with her name on it.

She further showed off WWE's "care package" on her personal Instagram page with a video:

Mickie James appears a bit sour about the incident (which I'm sure Triple H or Stephanie McMahon will address in an apology tweet soon to try and put the fire out), and honestly, can anyone blame her?  Aside from the lousy optics of this situation, she has a long history of being disrespected by the company on tv, most notably a 2009 storyline where she was repeatedly referred to on tv as "Piggy James," and numerous jokes were made to body-shame her.

So what are we to make of this?  Did some random P.A. at WWE just grab her stuff, shove it in a garbage bag and send it along to finish the job as quickly and effortlessly as possible?  Yeah, probably.  But maybe, just maybe, Mickie James pissed someone off on her way out, and they took this as an opportunity to send her a message.

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